Stichophthalma "jungle queens"

 Stichophthalma are members of the Amathusiidae family of butterflies, they fly in the montane forests from India to Vietnam, China down to southern Thailand. They can be quite large with eamsei, devyatkini and godfreyii being the largest and neumogeni being the smallest of the family.

There are 10 species within the genus Stichophthalma, though some regard some sub species as full species, I'm not a taxonomist so I tend to follow the literature at. which lists the species as follows.

Each species home page lists the sub species as per the above reference site, I have grouped them under the species group that they belong, whether or not they are sub species of that species or species in their own right I don't know. I believe there is a new paper out on these later this year, hopefully this will clarify things a little, especially if DNA studies have been carried out.

Stichophthalma camadeva nominate and 2 sub species

Stichophthalma cambodia nominate only

Stichophthalma fruhstorferi nominate only

Stichophthalma godfreyi nominate only

Stichophthalma howqua nominate and 6 sub species

Stichophthalma louisa nominate and 6 sub species (devyatkini not listed yet)

Stichophthalma nourmahal nominate only

Stichophthalma sparta nominate and 2 sub species

Stichophthalma neumogeni nominate and 3 sub species

Stichophthalma uemurai nominate and 1 sub species

collection drawer photographs shows all specimens currently in my reference collection, these will be updated as new specimens are added.

 This website is just a collection of specimen photographs from my collection with location data, collection date and forewing length to try and establish the correct identity for each specimen, I have placed them under the species I believe them to be according to the data I have, however, I appreciate any information or opinion that other collectors, entomologists have regarding these specimens as there is very little references and some confliction regarding some species


To navigate this site you can click onto any of the page tabs to the left of the screen or alternatively you can move from page to page by using the internal links which are highlighted in yellow, so if you want to go back to the species list click species list or you can return to the current species home page where you can then go to which ever sub species you want by clicking on the gallery link.

Click on the thumbnail photo's and the pictures enlarge and reveals what data I have for each specimen.

If you notice anything that needs correction or you can help me with identification, photo's or even additional specimens then please feel free to contact me. Any help would be greatly appreciated and acknowledged.

Below is a fantastic aberration of Stichophthalma from Thailand from the collection of Michail Vassiliev who kindly sent me the photo and gave me permission to add it to this website.

Created by Richard Timms