Hard to get species and sub.species missing from the collection.

 Stichophthalma fruhstorferi

Flies in a very restricted range in North/Central Vietnam, I've only seen a couple of specimens other than those pictured in books, those I've seen looked very similar to Stichophthalma uemurai but lighter ground colour and much larger black hindwing chevron markings.

Underside of wings is very similar, indeed, fruhstorferi, uemurai, cambodia and godfreyi all share the same charteristics in there underside markings, including a small dark mark in the hindwing cell area.

Finally managed to get a few specimens, pictured to the right is the first pair I've set, not A1 but a good reference pair.

 Photo's required.          

 Stichophthalma nourmahal

This species is probably the hardest to get hold of as I've never seen any specimens offered for sale, it occurs in Sikkim, Bhutan, Assam and Naga hills.

I would welcome any photo's you could provide and in the off chance someone reading this can obtain any specimens I would certainly be interested.

 Photo's required.          

 Stichophthalma louisa s.sp siamensis

This sub species of Stichophthalma louisa comes from south east Thailand and flies with Stichophthalma cambodia which I have managed to get, I've bought quite a few specimens named as siamensis but these have turned out to be mathilda from Wang Chin, Phrae province. They are very similar but true siamensis has a more uniform recto ground colour and a purplish brown underside ground colour rather than the olive green found in the Wang Chin specimens (though there does occur a "black louisa" from this area just to confuse matters) it's for this reason of variability that I personally believe mathilda is a very variable sub species or 3 or 4 different sub species.

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 Stichophthalma louisa s.sp ranhongensis

Specimens I've seen of this sub species are quite distinct in the sub marginal markings being quite large in both hindwing and forewings, it occurs in the south west of Thailand in the forests around Ranong.

I don't have any specimens at present and would welcome photo's for this site.

 Photo's required.          

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