Stichophthalma neumogeni, Leech, 1892

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Stichophthalma neumogeni neumogeni is found in west China, quite widespread, with the small wingspan this is very hard to confuse with sub species of howqua apart from dwarf specimens, one thing I have noticed on neumogeni though is that the hindwing sub margin black markings reduce as they approach the anal margin whereas howqua seem to increase in size, just a personal observation.

Stichophthalma neumogeni regulus occurs in Vietnam though not sure where as I've read, south Vietnam then conflicting information that says Lao Cai which is just over the border from China so I'm not sure.

Stichophthalma neumogeni le is found on Hainan island and the recently described Stichophthalma neumogeni renqingduojiei is found in south east Tibet, I have 3 specimens on the setting boards which will appear on here soon. 

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