Stichophthalma sparta, de Niceville, 1894

 These three specimens are s.sp evansi from Kachin state, Myanmar, purchased from Thorne's insect shoppe

 The following specimens I received from wthongmai, only data unfortunately is Yunnan province, China. Not sure if these are sparta or howqua s.sp, possibly iapetus which is found just over the border in Vietnam on Sa Pa mountain, Lao Cai province, but some specimens have hindwings spots similar to some specimens of suffusa but they are of a darker ground colour on both wing surfaces and underside spotting is similar to the evansi specimens above,assuming correct data on these, I welcome any remarks as to correct identity.

Stichophthalma sparta s.sp gonshana comes from N.W.Yunnan, I've not seen any photo's or a description.

 Above are all male, below is a female

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Created by Richard Timms