Species and sub species list

Stichopthalma louisa s.sp louisa

Stichophthalma louisa, Wood-Mason, 1877

Stichophthalma louisa home
Stichophthalma louisa gallery
Stichophthalma mathilda from Laos, Thailand and Vietnam
Stichophthalma eamsei gallery
Stichophthalma mathilda x eamsei possible hybrids gallery
Stichophthalma devyatkini gallery
Stichophthalma siamensis (no specimens yet) missing species
Stichophthalma ranhongensis (no specimens yet) missing species
Stichophthalma antonio
Stichophthalma tytleri
Stichopthalma sparta s.sp evansi

Stichophthalma sparta, de Niceville, 1894

Stichophthalma sparta home
Stichophthalma sparta s.sp sparta (no specimens yet)
Stichophthalma sparta s.sp evansi gallery
Stichophthalma sparta s.sp gonshana (N.W. Yunnan) gallery
Stichopthalma neumogenI s.sp neumogeni

Stichophthalmaneumogeni, Leech, 1892

Stichophthalma neumogeni home
Stichophthalma neumogeni gallery

Stichopthalma howqua s.sp suffusa

Stichophthalma howqua, Westwood, 1851

Stichophthalma howqua home
Stichophthalma howqua s.sp tonkiniana gallery
Stichophthalma howqua s.sp suffusa gallery
Stichophthalma howqua s.sp iapetus gallery
Stichophthalma howqua s.sp formosana (no specimens yet)
Stichophthalma howqua s.sp miyana (no specimens yet)
Stichophthalma howqua s.sp bowringgi (no specimens yet)
Stichopthalma uemurai s.sp uemurai

Stichophthalma uemurai, Nishimura, 1998

Stichophthalma uemurai home
Stichophthalma uemurai s.sp uemurai gallery
Stichophthalma uemurai s.sp gailai  (no specimens yet)
Stichopthalma camedeva s.sp camedeva

Stichopthalma camadeva, Westwood, 1848

Stichophthalma camadeva home
Stichophthalma camadeva s.sp camadeva gallery
Stichophthalma camadeva s.sp camadevoides. (no specimens yet)
Stichophthalma camadeva s.sp amyclas (no specimens yet)
Stichopthalma cambodia

Stichophthalma cambodia, Hewitson, 1862

Stichophthalma cambodia home
Stichophthalma cambodia gallery
Stichopthalma godfreyii

 Stichophthalma godfreyi, Rothschild, 1916

Stichophthalma godfreyi home
Stichophthalma godfreyi gallery

 Stichophthalma fruhstorferi (no specimens yet) missing species

Stichophthalma nourmahal (no specimens yet) missing species

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