Stichophthalma louisa Wood-Mason, 1877

Male left, female right.

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Species list

This species is a very confusing one, most regard them as one species with 6 or 7 sub species, some have elevated the sub species to full species, I'm totally confused with some so have separated them by locality (mathilda in particular).

The nominate Stichophthalma louisa louisa has a restricted range in Tak province, south west Thailand and maybe south east Myanmar as Stichophthalma louisa antonia comes from just over the border in Myanmar and maybe the same species, I've not seen any specimens of this sub species.

Stichophthalma louisa mathilda comes from Laos, Vietnam and Thailand though there is a huge difference in specimens, as can be seen from my photo's, I've added 3 pages of specimens regarded as mathilda, from Laos where the type came from, from Thailand (Lampang and Phrae provinces) and from central Vietnam (Da Nang province) to me these appear to be 3 different sub species as variation is not just colouration but size varies greatly.

Stichophthalma louisa siamensis from south east Thailand, I don't have any specimens but with the variation I've seen in mathilda these could well be just another colour form with a more uniform ground colour like the specimens from Laos.

Stichophthalma louisa ranohngensis from south west Thailand, mountains around ranong, not seen any specimens but would welcome some if anyone can get any.

Stichophthalma louisa tytleri  (Stichophthalma howqua wilhelma is the same species) comes from north east India, I've only seen a couple of photo's and looks a very nice species, sort of howqua like with a broad white forewing apex typical of other louisa sub species.

Stichophthalma louisa eamsei from central and south Vietnam, a very large, deep red brown species with white hindwing boarders tinged with violet blue only described in the year 2000 following some excellent research work occurring in Vietnam over the last few years.

Stichophthalma devyatkini spec.nov.(described in 2013 as a full species in the louisa group, named in honour of Alexey L. Devyatkini) I've listed it here as I'm not sure if it's a sub species of louisa or not, I await clarification, it's a very striking butterfly, females are very large, colours are fantastic. Restricted to a small area of south central Vietnam, it appears to occur with eamsei if the data I have with my specimens is reliable as I have eamsei from the same locality as my 6 pairs of devyatkini

Created by Richard Timms