Stichophthalma sparta, de Niceville, 1894

The Manipur Junglequeen

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The nominate Stichophthalma sparta sparta along with sub species evansi both come from North east Myanmar, not exactly sure of localities for each but those I have on here came from Kachin state.

The newly described (2003) sub species Stichophthalma sparta gonshana comes from north west Yunnan province, around the town of Gongshan, I've not seen any information on this sub species.

I have several photo's on here of individuals that came from "Yunnan province, China" sadly the only data, some have quite a resemblance to the sparta evansi specimens I have but could also be howqua iapetus (if this occurs in Yunnan).

I would welcome photo's and or specimens of the nominate sparta sparta if anyone can supply any.

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